John Morin, P.E.


John M. Morin is a Principal Owner of The Morin-Cameron Group, Inc. and a Registered Professional Civil Engineer practicing in the land development industry, North Shore region of Massachusetts, for over 30 years.  Mr. Morin has extensive experience with public hearings, permitting strategy and land development design in both the public and private sectors.

John graduated from the University of Lowell in 1990 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering.  Since 1988 John has dedicated his career to advance the desires of our clients by offering the highest level of professional service.  He has done so with a great level of honesty and integrity which has earned him the impeccable reputation he continues to maintain.

John started his career at Thomas E. Neve Associates, Inc., located in Topsfield, MA, in May 1988 when he was a sophomore in college.  He spent countless hours gaining the knowledge and experience necessary to achieve his registration as a Professional “Civil” Engineer.  As time went on he advanced his career to become Executive Vice President of Thomas E. Neve Associates, Inc.  Eventually John became partner of the company jointly forming The Neve-Morin Group, Inc.  Over time he became full owner of the company.  In Dec. 2012 John partnered with Scott Cameron forming The Morin-Cameron Group, Inc.

With an established professional attitude John applies his technical talents well in representing our clients and their projects.  He maintains great success working with local Boards and Commissions.  Our clients appreciate John’s professionalism, patience and talents.

John’s character and reputation have brought him into the upper tier of his profession.  He is highly respected among his peers and he will continue to represent and serve our clients as well as lead our “Team” with the same professionalism, patience and talent that brands our services.

Scott Cameron, P.E.

Vice President

Scott Cameron, P.E.

Vice President

Welcome to our website and thank you for taking the time to learn about our company. I'd like to share with you a short narrative about my upbringing and background.

I grew up in Southern New Hampshire and Northeastern Massachusetts. I spent my childhood mucking through swamps, woods and fields, in search of the next rock to flip over in anticipation of what was living beneath. When I was 8, my family moved to a new subdivision in a small town in the Merrimack Valley. The road was still under construction when we moved in to the house my father built. My natural curiosity for how things work found me shadowing the site contractor, asking questions and doing my best not to annoy them. In hindsight, they had the patience of saints. Around the same time, my father and extended family were expanding their restaurant. I remember walking through the bare steel frame of the building, watching the brick layers mortaring CMU walls, electricians, plumbers, carpenters…it was an exciting experience for a kid to be part of. It was these early run-ins with construction and the wild that planted the seeds that would eventually grow into my professional career.

Later in my youth, I learned the principles of hard work, commitment and leadership through Boy Scouts of America, sports and work.  I earned the rank of Eagle Scout, a proud accomplishment which I still display on the wall in my office.  I played varsity cross-country and track and field through all of high school.  Being the child of a restaurant family, I also worked at my family's restaurant starting in middle-school.  The restaurant instilled on me the customer service values of the hospitality industry. These childhood experiences shaped my core of values of hard work, integrity, courtesy and workmanship.

In 1999, I was accepted into Northeastern University’s College of Engineering. My childhood interests in the environment and construction led me to the civil engineering program, in which I excelled. Northeastern is a co-operative work/study curriculum so in between class semesters, I worked in the industry. I worked at Modern Continental Enterprise Group, Parsons-Brinkerhoff and SEA Consultants (now Kleinfelder) during this time.

Following graduation in 2004, I accepted a job at McKenzie Engineering Group where I worked out of their Saugus office. It was a small company and within a short time, I was given an opportunity to take a leadership role for the company. It wasn’t long before the owner and I moved the office to Danvers where I began growing a network of clients. I must tip my hat to Brad McKenzie for his mentorship and patience during my time at his company.  It was during this time that I was immersed into the world of the public permitting process. I attended meetings with planning boards, conservation commissions and town officials. Worked with attorneys, developers, architects and other professionals on strategy, scope and constant thinking on your feet.  The public arena is where I really found my niche in the industry and doors started opening for me. It was September 29, 2008, the start of the economic recession and a day that I’ll never forget, that started me on a path to ownership.

During the economic recession of 2008-2010, everyone in our industry was looking for work. Development had ground to a halt, and I was not alone in pursuing every lead I could find. I found a lot of small house addition jobs during this time and many of them needed septic system inspections. So, I started a small company specializing in septic system inspections, Cameron Site Inspection, Inc. that I could work on weekends. It filled an economic need for me and my family while we waited out the recession. It also taught me the basics of owning a business. It wasn’t long before I convinced myself that owning an engineering company was the next logical step in my career.

The concept of a partnership between John and myself began in late 2011 over a coffee and orange juice. It wasn't long before we formed The Morin-Cameron Group.  The company has grown considerably since it's rebranding.  I owe this success to our collective commitment to excellence, and the outstanding staff that surrounds us and makes this happen.  I am very excited about what the future holds for our Company.

~Scott P. Cameron, P.E., Principal